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Bandwidth Unlimited
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eBoundHost features:
  • Host UNLIMITED websites per account
  • Unmetered storage & transfer
  • 24/7 SUPPORT & 99.97% uptime
  • Free domain name (with privacy option)
  • 90 days money back, no questions asked
  • SSH, PHP 5, MySQL, PgSQL, FP, .htaccess is one of the web’s original web hosting providers, helping to maintain reliable uptime for mission critical web services since the year 2000. Doing business the old fashioned way, obsessively focus on three core services: traditional web hosting, linux virtual private servers (VPS hosting) and dedicated servers. don’t write programs, can’t help you optimize for search engines and definitely won’t design your website. However, if you need blazing fast web site hosting or affordable VPS hosting, are here to help.

The mark of a good web host is being invisible, everything has to “just work”. With fast web servers and high-speed Internet connections, your websites snap open and email arrives on time. And when the inevitable happens and something breaks, rest assured, are here 24 hours a day, every day of the year. While you are busy at work during the day and resting at night, someone is always monitoring your uptime. Running your business is hard enough without having to worry about complicated technology, think of us as your personal web hosting team.

The quality of our service is the same whether you have a cheap Shared Hosting account or an expensive high end Linux Virtual Private Server, each customer is treated like a celebrity. Phone calls are answered promptly and email requests are answered within minutes. Every support issue is resolved aggressively because it’s the Most Important Issue of the Day. Expect service so good that you’ll actually recommend us to coworkers and friends.

Which hosting is right for me: Shared Web Hosting or Virtual Private Server?

Virtual Private Server, also known as VPS hosting, is a very exciting technology that allows “virtualization” of a single VPS Server Hardware Node, into many Virtual Environments (VPS servers). Each such environment is a fully contained operating system with its own set of system tools and commands as well as its own RAM, CPU and Hard Drive storage. Need a certain version of PHP4 or PHP5 or a certain module for the Apache web server? Need RoR? Need PCI Compliance? You can make it all happen with linux VPS hosting, because a cheap virtual private server is all you need to launch your “killer app” or host your business reliably. The flexibility, independence and security of even the cheapest VPS is far superior to anything you have experienced in the past.

Shared Web Hosting is also known as Virtual Hosting. This is the traditional method of publishing your website on the Internet. Many websites are placed on the same physical server and share the resources on a first-come-first-serve basis. monitor workloads to ensure that a single website does not overwhelm the server and cause an outage for other users. It works well for a majority of customers because it’s such a flexible package, offering more hosting features than any typical website needs. are able to provide virtually unlimited hosting features due to the extremely powerful hardware and very customized operating system software. And as servers grow more powerful, consolidate more customers per server and lower prices for everyone. The Unlimited package, at $3.95 is the best value in shared web hosting.

Good question to ask: Why would a client chose a VPS instead of shared web hosting? There are several reasons:

  • Your website is too important to host on a shared server.
  • Business website requires as much uptime as possible.
  • Email hosting on a private IP to keep off blacklists.
  • Ecommerce website for merchant compliance reasons.
  • Website receives too much traffic.
  • Your website is simply too important to host on a shared server!
  • Private, white label hosting for your clients.
  • You really want a dedicated server but can’t afford it.
  • VOIP Server or Video Game Server.
  • Fast MySQL Virtual Private Server to speed up your main website.
  • Customized Development environment.
  • Remote backup or D-R (Disaster Recovery)
  • Your website is absolutely too important to host on a shared server.

Most importantly, VPS Hosting is an upgrade from shared web hosting because of how it manages the resources of the Hardware Node. Instead of competing with a thousand other websites on a standard web hosting server, you are only sharing with a handful of clients. If your neighbor runs a high load, it has minimal impact on your VPS, because you are guaranteed a certain “slice” of CPU, RAM and I/O time.

The Linux Virtual Private Server is a powerful and very affordable tool. A single modern VPS Hardware Node is more powerful than a dozen servers from just three years ago. Today’s VPS hosting is up to 90% cheaper than a Dedicated Server and offers 95% of the features. At this price there is no reason to share your hosting platform with other customers. Just a few dollars a month buys a lot more independence, performance, features and security. VPS hosting is the next logical step, because your website is important.

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